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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

When we hear about digital marketing and management, marketing automation comes to mind. Ensuring competitive advantages, increase in conversion rate and new lead generation comes when in a marketing team. It includes everything from designing effective website landing pages to email marketing campaigns. If you can somehow automate the entire process of lead generation and management, business can get benefited in myriad ways.

What is marketing Automation

It refers to software platforms and technologies designed and planned for organizations and departments into marketing. For effective merchandising on multiple channels digitally and online, and to automate monotonous tasks. In absence of human action, marketing automation manages routine marketing tasks. Marketing automation as name indicates process of making decisions in marketing in automated manner, without human action. Providing you with a central marketing database for all marketing interlinkages and particulars. Helping marketers to create subdivided, customized, personalized and timely marketing experiences for candidates. Offering you with automation attributes and features across multiple aspects of marketing.This includes email, lead generation, social media, direct mail, digital advertising, and many more.

The core element of Marketing automation tools is equipment of analytics features for determination of complete campaigns across channels and segments. These attributes measure the impact of campaigns on marketing team key performance Indicator and campaign Return of Investment, as well as the influence of campaigns on company revenue.

Why Marketing Automation

Around 51% of companies are in use with marketing automation and more planning to adopt this solution. It can help revolutionize your overall marketing strategy. Marketing in the current world is becoming complex, it is essential to hand over repetitive tasks to quality marketing automation platforms.Automation tools can make the workflow of your business run with ease by managing customer relationships, tracking your leads and streamlining marketing workflow. 68% of organizations expected their marketing budget to increase in 2021. Marketing automation tools are a step in business to grow in the right direction. For focused marketing campaigns that add value to your business. In addition, these automation tools can reduce the burden on your sales and marketing teams, and empower them simultaneously. When business starts growing, considering the number of visitors on your online platform starts increasing, keeping leads can be challenging. Staying connected with customers and meeting their needs is however imperative for your business. Automated marketing can aid you improve the customer experience and reduce the burden on your assets. This is of great value to small businesses where time and budget are of the utmost importance. These tools can also come in handy for social marketing, which is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Marketing Automation helps enable companies to measure, streamline and automate workflow and tasks related to marketing, for swift growth of revenue and increase in operational ease.

What Marketing Automation includes and how it works

Including advertising, email marketing, B2B marketing automation, prioritization of leads, commercial, customized advertising, lead follow ups, create multiple channel marketing, product promotion, service through email, social media and interactive content on your website. For ecommerce marketing, these tools can integrate with platforms like shopify and help you make use of customer data. Marketing automation tools and products frequently combine with social media management softwares, account based orchestration platform, customer relationship management software (CRM), content management system tools (CMS). This tool works on focused marketing by observing and analyzing customer behavior, lead scoring and lead nurturing to grow customer relationships. You get additional insights into the performance of your marketing and advertising campaigns, combining functionality of customer relationship management (CRM) and inbound marketing automation solution. Can automate repetitive tasks, and improve customer service with features such as live chat, create targeted campaigns, thus generating more leads, web engagement and mobile marketing, you can track your mail and access their effectiveness. This tool creates behavior based automation depending on the way the user interacts with your website or application, creating personalized experience for your audience, integration capabilities, you can set automation workflow for drip campaigns for constant campaigns and to see what works best for your customer.

What to know before choosing platform for Marketing Automation

It is essential to know your primary goals, target audience, resources, services, costs, software integrations, when in consideration of choosing a marketing automation solution. What your business wants in consent with marketing. Don't go just for individual features, focus on results, outcomes and everlasting partnership.

To get categorized in marketing automation a product, tools must meet below requirements.

  • Email, social media, SMS, and digital ads Automation.
  • With advanced email marketing capabilities containing spam filter testing, scheduling, A/B testing, segmentation, and precise performance reporting.
  • For marketing information and interactions acting as a central marketing database
  • For marketing campaign targets, allow dynamic segmentation.
  • Following specific actions, triggers, or periods of time and contacting targets over multiple channels.
  • Carry out lead management to incorporate lead scoring and lead nurturing.
  • To collect prospect information, generation of forms and landing pages.
  • Presenting with reports and analytics, which tracks the entire lifecycle of a campaign, as well as ties to revenue and campaign ROI

Features and Benefits

  • Saves time.
  • Streamline your marketing efforts by bringing it to a single dashboard.
  • Master email marketing and social media automation with simple and convenient steps.
  • Generate new leads, follow up and strengthen your relationship with existing ones.
  • Making customers feel valued - sending personalized messages and greetings.
  • Run multiple marketing campaigns without any hassle
  • Saves Money - No sales person, for managing leads, save investment on manual operations.
  • Increase in generation of sales - Automatic emails, reminders to consumers probability of responses, leads increases
  • Ability to scale business improves - Due to lead generation, chances increase of people interaction. Leads to growth of business.
  • Increase Revenue in Business - Auto campaigns, auto lead generation, helps in growth of revenue, creating strong partnerships and broadening the customer base and providing valuable insight regarding ROI.

Some Popular Platforms of Marketing Automation for small and large scale businesses

  • Marketo
  • Drip
  • Hubspot
  • Pardot
  • Agile CRM
  • Mailchimp
  • Hootsuite

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